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There are many reasons why a HOA Association may decide to close down their HOA website. One reason would be to make space for the next generation of community websites that are run by the community association. For example, a condominium association website may decide to shut down the website for the most part or close it for one year, then in the fall of the year they open it back up with all the same features and content that they had closed it down with. Another reason why a website may be closed is if the current management has decided to move on and leave the association because they have had enough of the meetings or the direction.
You should not let your HOA Association closes the HOA websites without notice, but this may be difficult to do. If you do not have a clear reason as to why your website is being closed, you need to contact the HOA board in advance and explain to them your intent to have your website removed. This is very important, as some boards have strict rules when it comes to having your website taken down. If you inform the board of this in writing, there is no reason that they will not consider your request. The fact that you are requesting to have it taken down is a good sign of what your website may contain that they do not want to continue to include on their website.
You should always look to the future by establishing a strong web presence for your community and your HOA Association. Your web hosting company that you use should have options for you such as domain transfers, so you can still have your own. It is important that when you choose your web host that you know that they offer all the features that you may need to operate your website. Also, if you find that the web hosting company does not offer any options for domain transfers out of your account, you may want to check into a different web hosting company for your future needs.
HoA Association Website